Welcome to the Context Data Documentation

Welcome to the fantastic world of data infrastructure, data processing and transformation for Generative AI application. We built Context Data after many years of working within enterprise companies that were building extensive data solutions and warehouses. As we noticed the explosion of Generative AI applications where majority of the focus was on ingestion of simple and “nicely packaged” text files, we saw a huge gap for data pre-processing and transformations built especially for vector databases.

We built Context Data to allow “real” enterprise companies to be able to use data and ETL processes that they’re already familiar with to build vector data stores specifically for their Generative AI applications and use cases.

Context Data aims to serve as a centralized data processing platform and pipeline that companies of all sizes can use to move and transform their data without having to spin up infrastructure or write massive amounts of ETL code and logic.

Creating a Context Data Account

Create a Context Data account at https://sapphire.contextdata.ai

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